Tuesday, 27 January 2015

tuesday night movie fixation

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
In this crazy, constantly moving world where people would rather be out with friends, I can't help but be inclined to sit inside all day and watch movies. My introverted side is creeping up on me again, and I welcome it with open arms. Maybe it's because it's the Oscar season, or maybe it's because I've just come back from New York City and want to live vicariously through the Winona Ryder's and their big screen worlds that remind me how mundane this Brisbane life is.

Funnily enough, my favourite movies usually stray far from most Oscar classics. I've gone through many movie stages, a phase which slightly resembles the one in which your young adult self wants to forget about your teenage years (cargo pants with a bright pink shirt and a head bandana... all in one outfit - need I say more?). I tried to like the funny ones with Jonah Hill and his gang because everyone else loved them; I also went through a stage of throwing myself into the world of artsy films. I have since realised that 'Dreamers' is something I would like to stay far away from [no disrespect to Dreamers fans, I genuinely wish I had it in me to sit through that entire film and come out the other end unscathed]. I have finally found my 'movie niche' - all genres. I love movies that incorporate music. I love movies about love. I love movies adapted from books. And I [really] love movies with Jimmy Fallon (!!!). The moment I let myself watch whatever I felt like without sticking to only one type, I learnt to love movies. Like, really, love movies.

So here it is, my "Movies I really, really like (& some that I love)" list:

liberal arts begin again the royal tenenbaums the secret life of walter mitty factory girl the virgin suicides notting hill the way, way back edward scissorhands beetlejuice zoolander you instead rock of ages stuck in love almost famous fever pitch 10 things i hate about you love, rosie the skeleton twins clueless fantastic mr fox empire records

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